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Voterbee Community Guidelines

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Voterbee strives to build a community where constructive questions and opinions can be generated, responded to and shared from the world over.  In order to foster such an environment and to allow a level playing field, we have committed ourselves to the following community standards and guidelines.


We stand against any attempts to promote hate speech which presents itself in many forms.  These include any attempts to ask questions about a person or group’s physical appearance, sexual orientation, disease or disabilities,  or comparisons about mental incapacities.  Voterbee will not allow polling based on a person or group’s physical appearance when asked in comparison with another.  In addition, we do not allow any content that is created to generate any verbal or physical violence or harm to any group.


No derogatory content targeting any individual or group will be allowed based on the following:  Age, Social class or caste, Religion, Race, National origin, Ethnicity, Sexual orientation, Gender, or Sex (except for public health purposes).  No content will be allowed which exploits children or other groups, promotes self-harm or suicide, extremism/terrorism or that which harrases or targets a person/group.  The platform prohibits any nudity or nude likeness outside of artistic expression where it will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Additionally, our algorithms will identify manipulation of our platform with spam, automated bots or other cloned accounts using computer generated technologies.  We will remove any attempts at impersonation or fake accounts designed to generate artificial polling results.

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